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If you want your apartment sparkling clean, just give us a call. We’ll make your home more comfortable. And every detail of your decor will look like new due to the fresh touch.

The cleaning system we use is what makes Clean Serv special. We don’t have one-time customers: once you see the quality of our work, every customer returns to us whenever they have another cleaning order. 

We’ve already cleaned apartments more than 30.000 times, and with the constructive feedback from our customers, we try to get better every day.  

What’s our apartment cleaning process like?

Our cleaning process starts with the 2 main sessions. During the first session, our professionals thoroughly clean your house, mostly focusing on your kitchen and bathroom. These are the parts of a home that get really messy sometimes and require extra care.

Then comes the second visit, during which every single detail in your sleeping and living areas is cleaned. These are the parts of your home where you spend most of the time, so we’ll use the most neutral products to avoid any smell left after cleaning. We appreciate your trust and highly value your comfort. 

Every cleaning session is focused on one part but still includes:

  • Bathrooms we start by dusting the entire place and removing cobwebs, then clean the mirrors, chrome fixtures, shower doors, tile walls, the shower itself, the bathtub if there is one, and then the toilets and the floor are cleaned.
  • Sleeping Areas we dust the area and remove any cobwebs, hand-wipe all the surfaces, then spot-clean the floors,  doors and door frames.
  • Living Areas same as in the sleeping areas, we dust and remove the cobwebs, hand-wipe the surfaces, thoroughly clean the doors, door frames, and floors.
  • Kitchen your kitchen counter tops are cleaned, all glass surfaces are hand wiped, chrome is shined, the sinks are washed, and all your appliances are washed as well. Cobwebs are removed, the area is dusted, the microwave is wiped out, and all the doors/door frames, walls, and floors are cleaned like in every other area.