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Our curtain cleaning services are available to both our commercial and domestic customers.

There’s nothing as important for the room atmosphere and light as curtains. They shape how the light enters the room, what shade it takes, and how it spreads.

Clean curtains are nothing but a basic necessity for any room. No matter how much money and resources you spend on your room decoration, the sparkling clean curtains will make the interior look richer. 

At Clean Serv, we have tailored cleaning services for every kind of curtains. It’s just a part of our extensive cleaning system. We want all our customers to feel happy in the spaces where they live, work or entertain. And a perfectly clean space is the first step for everyone. 

The products we use for curtains

At Clean Serv, we always use eco-friendly, vegan and biodegradable cleaning products. You won’t have to worry if you fave little kids playing with your curtains or pets chewing them (but we do hope you won’t allow the latter). 

You can choose the scent of the cleaning product for your room to smell even cozier or we can go with odor free options. All of them are hypoallergenic and are super light.