Drone For Photography

For access to the unique perspectives that come with altitude, these affordable drones for photography are hitting new heights.

Battery Life

Depending on the model the charge of a drone might hold for up to 30 minutes or slightly more. An extra battery is a sure lifeline here. Yet, you know, it’s associated with not just extra-life but with extra-charges too. 


The range is the distance your drone can travel while staying inside the frames of your control. Obviously, the more expensive the drone – the bigger the range. Make sure though, that the drone stays in front of your eyes. 


The camera matters a lot – since it’s shooting we’re talking about. In particular, it’s the resolution to be taken into consideration before the purchase. You can sure choose between a built-in camera or using your own one. 

Capturing a majestic landscape from an elevated position used to require either a conveniently situated mountain or a helicopter rental, neither of which were guaranteed to be available, and one of which required (often unobtainable) permits and a large wad of cash.

Even those photographers who could secure a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft as a base for aerial photography often faced daunting technological challenges and, if wildlife was involved, ran the risk of spooking the very subject they took to the skies to capture.

Shot on this drone

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