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Where we live, where we work. Where we laugh, where we share. Where we receive our friends, where we build our family.

The places and spaces that constitute our immediate environment condition our relationship with ourselves, with others, with existence and with time. It is probably for this reason that we have chosen to put our creativity at the service of others, imagining for them places of life as refuges where it is good to meet. Spaces with a sure elegance, thought above all to be inhabited.

Each project is born from the encounter between a person and a place, its history, and the desire to plan to live there. Pleasant spaces in which we want to build memories.

Our work consists first of all in listening and dialoguing to discover the story and the desires behind a project. Understand to be able to interpret. The result is places and spaces vibrant and embodied. Creation is his language; a visual grammar that allows him to materialize ideas and expectations, while surprising his clients to open the field of possibilities. In doing so, it acts as a revealer of the character of the people who live in the place and must be able to appropriate it. A small building site, with its constraints of space and budget, interests it as much as a major project.

About us

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Surrounded by a team of highly qualified technical partners and with 10 years of experience, we work on small areas or larger projects – apartments or houses – from the architectural structure to the decoration.

Thomas Davis

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Jamie Lewis

“There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the cloud”

Gilbert K. Chesterton