We believe that children are born eager and ready to learn!

Our mission

We are committed to providing a program that focuses on the development of young children by creating enriching learning experiences through exploration, discovery and hands-on activities.

Our philosophy

Orange Garden believes children are born eager and ready to learn! As educators, it is our responsibility to foster that learning by providing children with the opportunities that will allow them to create their own meanings to the world around them. We understand that it is not only important for children to develop the basic skills that will be the foundation for future learning, but they receive care from teachers who have a genuine love for children.

Orange Garden strives to provide exceptional care in a safe and nurturing environment, create an enriching learning experience for each child and seek out the most compassionate and qualified staff to care for your child.

At Orange Garden Preschool the goals for children in our program are for them to:

  • Be active and engaged learners.

  • Feel safe & secure when parents leave.

  • Develop positive relationships, self-confidence and independence.

  • Appreciate cultural diversity.

  • Have fun while learning!

Check out the fun!

If you are interested in learning more about our program or how to enroll, connect us

Address: 8408 Clinton Dr. Newburgh, NY 12550

Phone: 804-782-3512

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