What Our Guests Say

“I don’t know if it was the great experience I was having that made the food taste better or they really made every dish taste better than everything I’ve ever tried and will probably try in the future.”

- Sophie Woods

Dining Guest Reviews

Something extra for every dinner

"We have family dinners at Otis Alexander every two months and obligatory date nights once every two weeks. To say that my husband, our children, and me are happy to even know about this place is nothing."
- Salma Oliver

The most splendid place I've been to

"Is this place even real? I felt like I was dining in an ancient chateau! It's a little over my price range, but definitely worth every penny! Poulet en Vessie is a must-try."
- Eric Porter

A guaranteed way to impress a date

"I was super nervous when choosing the date location. But this was the best choice I could've made. If you're a vegan, they have an even bigger off-the-menu choice."
- Lewis Ferguson

Even my grandmother can't cook better

"Don't tell her, but seriously, the tastes here are insane. Feels like they have at least one special and super-secret ingredient for every single dish. Truly satisfying experience."
- Lola Stuart

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