About Us

Henderson is a restaurant and bar located on the stunning Kings road, Chelsea. It’s the ultimate escape – the perfect spot to enjoy sensational food, wine, cocktails and craft beer that showcases our head chef’s unique approach. Discover modern tastes & crafted beverages.

In 1960, a woman named Emily Henderson stopped near a beautiful building in Chelsea and saw great potential in the spot. It was a simple, yet beautiful building that Emily renovated to open her unique place with an ever changing menu.


The bright and airy first-floor dining room is one of the most comfortable and beautiful spaces to relax and enjoy our contemporary dishes created by our kitchen team. 

It all starts when the fresh products arrive at our kitchen right from the farm. The team preps everything following the highest standards and the simplest meals are cooked with their special flavour that you can’t taste elsewhere. At an affordable price, you get a plate of a delicious meal that could be served in a high-end restaurant as a special dish. 

Best dishes for every taste.​

When you decide to take your friends and family out for a dinner, a cozy place with delicious meals is the least you can expect. In the shining kitchen, our chefs cook your dinners as if it was for their own family and friends. It’s all in before your eyes behind transparent glass walls. So you see how everything is cooked but stay away from all the kitchen noise and odors. 

We go deeper than the standard recipe tells us to. It took us 468 hours for us to finalize the menu with the spices and accents that every single member of our restaurant team enjoys every single dish. 

We would want all our family to like them, even the picky eaters. So why shouldn’t yours?

- Wolfgang Puck

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it's how you combine them that sets you apart.

36 The Drive BRIGHTON BN61 9UI

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