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Unique pieces of street fashion are now available in the highest quality! We’ll get you the adult looks you’ve been dreaming of since your teen years: comfortable, colorful, yet super classy.

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fashiona was established in 2011 by Cindy Danny. Trying to combine exceptional styles, vibrant colors and ornaments with classy details, Cindy designed her first line which was the start of fashiona. Through the years, fashiona mastered the art of bringing the highest quality to the street fashion industry, stealing the hearts of all the young souls.

Be the girl who’s best friends with all the cool guys and still can be cute and flirty. A strong grown woman who still has that punk girl’s pure heart and has the entire room admiring her from morning till night. Is that you? fashiona is your brand then. All the different sides of your beautiful personality will be highlighted with classy, yet vibrant details from this store.

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