Career is Everyone's Journey — Empowering Vulnerable Minorities to Get Rich

Wednesday, 21 August 2022

12pm | 11am | 9am | 16am


Is your career anything but boring? Does joy lack in your current job?

Do you have enough energy to keep a healthy work-life balance?

Are you looking for constant growth in your professional career?

Webinar Description

The webinar is divided into 3 mini-sessions each dedicated to one of the most common issues and its solution. 

All participants will receive tasks at the end of the webinar to be able to be able to express their creativity and use all the new practical knowledge.

How to Participate

Everyone is welcome to join the webinar It’s not up to us to make judgments about your vulnerability. Together we will explore your career possibilities and try to help you get started on your career journey ASAP.

What You Get Besides Knowledge

This session not only gives you theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, but also a side look at your creative work and hard skills. Through the year, we’ve earned the trust of our partners who are ready to hire the shortlisted participants based on our recommendations.


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Successful Participants of Previous Sessions


Here’s how our participants feel about the webinar.

After working in the service industry all my adult life and getting fired from a minimal wage job, I was desperate. That was before I discovered my creative skills thanks to Fab.
Philip Patel
Content Writer
I never felt I had a problem with my career, but got a coupon for the webinar. That's when I realized I was only growing financially. Now I learn something new every day and earn more.
Conner Ward
Drawing has always been my passion but I never gave it serious thought. But the creative task made me realize how much attention I pay to shapes and colors, now it's my profession.
Ellis Knight


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