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Your job is easier because we do ours

Passion, elegance and creativity are our goals.

We help couples in designing, creating and living their wedding day according to their wishes and demands.
Helpfulness and flexibility are the basics of our style, an overall service including periodic calls via Skype or phone, personal assistance on site at every step of the planning, starting from the choice of the venue, until the day of your wedding.

The accurate selection of wedding venues, including the most romantic spots on earth, is our peculiarity, a wedding planner agency suitable both for intimate celebrations and parties with many guests.

We can plan weddings throughout the world, suggesting you the best place where to fulfill your dream of love.

You’ll be amazed by the wide range of tailored options we can offer you: just to mention a few, we can engage an emerging artist, contact a big symphony orchestra etc. Everything contributes to make your wedding an extraordinary event that will be a pleasure to remember.

Our Assistants

Bella Burke

Bradley Abbott

Hazel Fleming

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